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Stefania Posa, Corso Italia 298 – 95129 Catania (CT), (VAT number 04904950872). hereby informs you that she is the Data Controller according to the applicable data protection law, more specifically the General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”), and therefore responsible for personal data of the person using this website (“you/the user”).

This privacy policy applies exclusively to the online activities of this site and is valid for visitors/users of the site. It does not apply to information collected through channels other than this website. The purpose of the privacy policy is to provide maximum transparency regarding information collected by the site and how it is used.

use cookies to make our site easier and more intuitive. The data collected thanks to cookies are used to make the browsing experience more pleasant and more efficient in the future.

THE cookies are text files stored on the user's device when he visits a website. They are temporary markers that contain information that allows you to keep track of the activity carried out by the user until they are deleted. Each cookie is unique to the user's web browser. Some of the functions of cookies may be delegated to other technologies. In this document the term 'cookie' refers both to cookies, strictly speaking, and to all similar technologies.

Cookies can be either first-party or third-party, where ‘first-party’ refers to cookies that have the site as their domain, and ‘third-party’ refers to cookies that are related to external domains.

Third-party cookies are necessarily installed by an external party, always defined as "third party", not managed by the site. These subjects may also install first-party cookies, saving their cookies on the site domain.

Regarding the nature of cookies, there are different types:

Purpose: to allow the correct functioning and use of the Site. ​Legal basis: art. 122 Legislative Decree 196/03, does not require consent Storage: session cookies, are removed when the browser is closed, with the exception of the cookie that serves to remember the possible acceptance of profiling cookies ("acceptance of the cookie policy"), which lasts 1 year; If technical cookies are disabled, the use of the site may suffer from malfunctions
Third party analytics cookies. To object to the processing of this type of cookie:

analytics cookies, assimilated to technical cookies when used directly by the site manager to collect information, in aggregate form, on the number of users and how they visit the site itself, in order to improve the site's performance;

functionality cookies, which allow the user to navigate according to a series of selected criteria (for example, the language) in order to improve the service provided. 

Profiling cookies are aimed at creating profiles relating to the user and are used to send advertising messages in line with the preferences expressed by the user when browsing the internet. These technologies do not collect users' names, email addresses, telephone numbers, or physical addresses. For the use of profiling cookies, the consent of the interested party is required. 

In the case of third-party cookies, the site does not have direct control of individual cookies and cannot control them (it can neither install them directly nor delete them). You can however manage these cookies through your browser settings (follow the instructions below), or by requesting the opt-out directly from third parties. For more information:

To object to the processing of this type of cookie:

For more information on cookies and privacy, you can consult the documentation on the website of the Privacy Guarantor at the following link:

This site uses different types of cookies.

This site uses technical and functional cookies (for correct navigation) and third-party cookies to improve your navigation.


Cookies are connected to the browser used and CAN BE DISABLED DIRECTLY FROM THE BROWSER, thus refusing/revoking consent to the use of cookies. It should be kept in mind that disabling cookies could prevent the correct use of some functions of the site itself.

Third-party cookies, used to provide additional services and features to visitors and to improve the use of the site itself, such as social media buttons or videos. This site has no control over third-party cookies, which are entirely managed by third parties. As a consequence of this, information on the use of these cookies and their purposes, as well as on how to disable them, are provided directly by third parties on the pages indicated below.

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